Every now and then I will try to do a certain called "QuickMix" and make it available for download. The main purpose of it is to get as many tracks as possible in half an hour's mixing. Most of the tracks are from my vinyl-collection, so don't expect it to be new. But you CAN expect it to be the real deal "Orphagan-style":


No brake, less break and no fake, mixed in one take.


No digital editing and shit like that. Every month I'll try to do a new one, the older will be no longer available for download. Don't miss the crap!


You'll also find some older DJ-sets, live-sets, demo's for contests or whatever I'm going to find in my large database. I don't even know what that will be in the future. Keep an eye on it to get the latest updates!


Hard Mag Niet

For about 5 years ago I recorded this one for an half an hours

bustrip to 15 Years of Thunderodme. Since the 20th annoversary is

and I'm playing on HArd Magni again I'd like to share this one!


Demo 3deck

Must be a demo for some kind of organisation, but I don't

know which of what for. Don't feel like getting a tracklist either

so just enjoy this piece of crap!


Raw Edge

Quite a raw mix with old Enzymes, Rude Awakening, Ophidian

and many more. One our of raw noisy music blended into a nice

piece of shit! No tracklist, if you feel like making one, go ahead!


QuickMix July

This months quickmix consist of some vinyls that were already

my case, grabbed some and started mixing.

Again, no tracklisting, just download and listen.. You'll find out