Always facinated by electronic music - and the harder styles in particular - Orphagan started spinning vinyl in the early 2003. Progress came quick and in 2004 he played on his first event due to sickness of T-Wisted. Quick mixing is the main goal, keeping the dj-sets interesting is one of those things in which he specialized himself. Because it's all for the fun, at the moment he's more busy with his own productions rather then spinning on gigs (or in the studio). Don't take it all too serious, it's all for fun in first place.


On this site you can download previews, full tracks and several (older and some new) DJ-sets, watch movies from in the studio, or read about upcoming  events. Now go ahead and find out what's going on in the musical environment of Orphagan! It's not a hightech piece of art with all the graphic stuff, just only that what's necessary: music!


Please note that this site is always upgrading and never finished, definately need to add some pictures and stuff but that's for the future.